Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2009 Lessons Learned/ Conclusions I've Arrived At

1) The only one who will ever have enough passion about your dreams, is you.

2) In order to be understood, you must first seek to understand.

3) You cannot make everyone love you… or even like you. The moment we stop trying to, and can love freely anyways, we become powerful.

4) You cannot change the way a person thinks or believes. What is important it that what you believe continues to change YOU.

5) Many of us settle for less because we are afraid that something better will not come our way.

6) Perhaps the greatest thing I can do is admit my weaknesses to others.

7) What goes around always comes around. Whatever a man sows, he reaps.

8) Time flies after age 20!

9) Sometimes what you are looking for is right in front of your face- but you couldn’t recognize it because you envisioned it in a different way.

10) Its important to give people the benefit of the doubt.

11) To any writer…. My song writing tip: The best songs come out of the worst days.

12) I find myself thanking God more and more for unanswered prayers. Funny how our desires/ambitions change.

13) Sometimes if you really love someone you have to let them go, and do what is best for them.

14) Enjoying the journey is just as important, if not more important than actually arriving.

15) To me, the most beautiful trait in someone is seeing how he or she treats those who cannot help themselves.

~ Amy

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