Thursday, September 16, 2010

Singing into the Night

Amy Savin Sept 2010. Photography by Ardean Peters
Laura Osburn
Amy Savin and Laura Osbun

Thank you to all of those who came out to kick off the new year- you know, the one that starts when school begins? It was great to see so many faces sticking it out through the crisp, cool air of September. As cold as we were, it was clear that there wasn't a whole lot that could interfere with such a special evening. For all those of you who supported us through donations your love has not gone unnoticed. We appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts! Many thanks to Derek Sexsmith for taking care of all the sound and recording (as well as assistant Mikey Fisher),  Ardean Peters for all your video and photography work, Laura Osbourne, and Tristan Raghunan for opening up the night, and last but not least, the band: Ryan Savin, Ben Sampson, and John Shin.

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