Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Radio Tour

December 7th, worship artist Dana Marie joined me and my band to perform a couple Christmas songs on 100 Huntley Street. We showed up at the studio around 7am, and had already been up for 2 hours. We knew it was going to be a long day. One of the songs was featured that same day, and the other will be aired later next week.
Our next stop was at Joy1250 in Oakville. We met up with program director Jim Leek, and he gave us a lovely tour and introduced us to all the staff. I have been to Joy1250 several times on the Drew Marshall Show. This past week, I also learned a friend of mine, Graham Watt, (director of Power to Change, formerly known as Campus for Christ) was interviewed on Drew's program :) I met Graham during my early years in Guelph, leading on the Campus for Christ worship team.

Our next stop was all the way to Life100.3 in Barrie, ON. The studio inside definitely has its own flair to it. Its fun, cozy, lots of energetic people working on staff.  We met briefly with Scott Jackson (station manager), Steve Jones (program director) who gave us a thorough tour, and were later interviewed by Junky Rhodes. Junky interviewed me on my upcoming single, music video, favourite places to play, and more! You can catch the interview by clicking HERE!
Dana Marie, and Amy Savin w/ Junky Rhodes @ Life100.3

December 8th, we stopped by 94.3 FaithFm in Kitchener to be interviewed by Pat Murphy. Lots of fun and laughs on air. This is one of those stations that though it reaches a smaller demographic, the cambridge/kitchener/waterloo listeners are really loyal. They love calling in, making requests, and staying on top of concerts and contests.
FaithFm 94.3 Kitchener/Waterloo Region.

December 9th we spent time with Richard DeJonge and Scott Card at InspireFm in London. Richard had pre-recorded a special greeting for Dana and I through the iPhone app, Songify. I'm sure we inspired listeners all over to do the same ;)  Talk about groovy beats. Ha. We also ended up speaking a little Dutch on air. I tried to throw down some of my Serbian heritage, but Richard and Dana adopted me into their dutch family.

Our next stop was at the headquarters of Compassion Canada. We made some more connections with the staff there, and talked about future Compassion projects. Dana will be traveling to the Dominican in January to see the work Compassion does there. You will most likely see us presenting this ministry at various locations we play.
Last but not least, it was a huge delight to visit Al Baker from UCB 89.3FM. We had a lovely chat that will be airing this coming week, along with our new Christmas single that has already been playing. 
89.3Fm Amy & Dana with Al Baker

What can I say, it was a great experience to meet so many wonderful people, and connect with the faces behind the scenes. Each station runs things just a bit differently, and has their own strengths, and goals. I think sometimes within the Christian community we can take radio for granted. We think it will always be there. I do know that without listener support, it cannot run itself. Thank you to those who have been involved in supporting the arts, and radio ministry.

Hope you enjoy our latest Christmas release:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Music & Ministry

Hello friends, and bloggers, and those who have happened to come across my blog by chance :)

Its my pleasure to spend a few moments writing about what my life of music and ministry has looked like over this past month. Its been great to connect with so many students. From the University of Waterloo, to Briercrest College in Regina Saskatchewan, to a small private school in Toronto called Signet Christian school. While I love all age groups and audiences, I have definitely always had a special place in my heart for youth, or my own peer group. I like to be able to share messages of encouragement while coming from the same place the audience is at. Sometimes it can be challenging, but I love that at every performance there is always a time where the audience puts down their guard, and welcomes you in. Sometimes it means you crack a few stupid jokes, ...sometimes it means just being vulnerable, and real.

I had a wonderful time at Breircrest college. I'll confess that coming out of the airport and driving down a long, flat, empty road was a huge change from the busy city life in Guelph or Toronto, but there was something very liberating about having all that space! I traveled there as one of Compassion Canada's artists, with my representative Leroy Harder. We dedicated a whole chapel service to the awareness of Compassion ministries. I was able to share some of my own original music, as well as talk about my involvement with Compassion, and encourage the students to be a part of something bigger. We weren't sure how exactly this kind of presentation would be received, especially since most students are trying to come out of debt, but praise God that so many new children were sponsored that day. A very encouraging experience for sure.

I must also mention, you never know during your travels all the other personal appointments that God is going to create along the way. I am constantly humbled by the ways in which God works. After the event, when I was talking with the students, one girl named Becca waited around longer than anyone else to introduce herself, and thank me for being there. I was really touched by that. She later on explained how over the last 17 months she had been battling chronic chest pain, symptoms similar to that of a heart attack 24/7. She had prayed the night before I came that God would send someone to her, with a word of encouragement. I have had my own struggles with health issues (digestive disorders, vocal nodules, TMJ, migraines). Some of them I still battle, but it was neat how we could build each other up, and recognize God's goodness through all of it. Our suffering is not meaningless in Christ. There is always a purpose, and in that, is so much hope. We are being purified, and strengthened. When we are weak He is strong! I want to invite any of you who are reading this, to pray for Becca! I asked permission to share about her, but she doesn't know that I am going to invite all of you to join me in prayer. Lets pray for healing in her life, that the work of God will be made complete, and full. This is the body of Christ all over Canada, all over the world. God is so good.

Another beautiful experience I want to share about is my time with the Signet Christian school. I believe the students ranged from grade 5 to 10. I was supposed to show up with my guitarist, Jake Ivens, but he was unable to make it that day. I wondered how entertaining I could be to a bunch of energetic youth,  but we had a blast.

I was invited by Miriam Kemppainen, a beautiful and kind lady, with such a big heart for the Lord, and for children. Everyone at Signet feels like one big family, and I can tell they all love and respect each other. The boys were so helpful, and excited to help me unload gear out of the car. When I found out I forgot my guitar capo, one student ran all the way to a near by music shop where his parents worked, and let me borrow one! I sang some of my own songs, invited the students to join in, and we even did some improv! What can I say, after the performance was over, I just felt the love pouring in. None of them were shy, and all of them wanted a hug. And this is why I love what I do.

Its December now, ...time flies quickly. I'm nearing the end of a Christmas radio tour with local artist Dana Marie! Its been a lot of fun, and probably my next blog coming shortly.

Hope you all are doing well, and keeping warm. I heard a statistic today--- that Canadians are the number one users of the internet. I'm convinced its because its so cold and no one wants to go outside. Eh?