Thursday, May 31, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers

University of Waterloo
Hellloooo out there! It's definitely been a really long time since I've blogged about my daily adventures in the music scene. What can I say, this past May has been pretty eventful, partly due to the fact that during this time we are finalizing all the last minute details for our upcoming Europe tour. I think at the moment there is something like 12 different shows scheduled in a matter of 16 days.   I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to survive... I don't normally do THAT much singing in such a short period of time, but I just really felt like God placed this trip on my heart and so I went with it. Our contact Timo in Germany has been working so diligently and generously for my team. Couldn't do it without him! Anyways, I should probably stop talking about Europe right now-- since I feel I could talk about it forever. I'm overwhelmingly excited. I'm excited for great memories, new
relationships, good food, good music (hopefully ;), and just to see what God is doing through his people over seas.

Back to Ontario Canada:

I've been having so much fun at the different venues that I've been invited to play.

I did a youth conference at the University of Waterloo and ran into some old Guelph acquaintances. I couldn't remember their names, but we all agreed that our faces looked familiar. We seemed to talk about our lack of name remembering skills for quite some time. Too funny!

Sound-check @Faith Church (St. Thomas, ON)

When I was done my 1 hour set for all the youth, I sat down and had coffee with a lovely lady named Alice. Though she was a complete stranger, she totally welcomed me into her life and before you know it we were laughing our heads off about our various life adventures. What a sweet woman. She began introducing me to a bunch of her friends and family that were helping out at the event. It was just so refreshing to feel so connected to a group of people who I had never met.

Another highlight of May was a concert I did at Faith Church in St. Thomas. What a beautiful experience. I want to say a special thank you to the crew there who was so hospitable. Marty-- you especially. Such a servant heart. The whole night ran so smoothly. I loved the various artists that showed up: Joel Larmer, Darin Martin, Laura Osburn. So much fun to listen to y'all! I have to also thank 105.9 Inspire FM. The whole crew there (Scott, Dave, Richard) was so key in promoting this event. (I feel like this blog entry is like a CD insert of thank yous). Peter, Ryan, Jake, Andre, Erin--- so blessed to be able to work with you. Oh-- I must also mention, the last song of the night, I was accompanied by a beautiful 13 year old girl Hannah who sang a long with me. What a talented little lady. God has great things in store for you young lady!

Last but not least, it was such a thrill to return this month to Signet Christian school. The kids are so entertaining, funny, lovable, and talented. I taught them the entire song to "Sleeping in the Sun" in like 5 minutes. Mind you, they had the words in front of them, but even to catch all of the melody was impressive ;) One of the students was able to record part of our little session. Watch below:

What is next on the immediate agenda? Well--- as some of you already know, I've recently signed with Nashville label Mission House, and I'll be debuting "Bigger Houses" in the US. I've been humbled to see Canadian Christian radio stations really soak up that song, so hopefully it can be just as warmly received by our sister country ;) I would like to be able to do some touring in the US as well, but there are a few hoops I'll have to jump over first. The closest I may get to any State at the moment may be some gigs out in Windsor, ON. I'm currently looking at stetting up some venues there so if you'd like to jump on board, I'm looking at sometime towards the end of July or August. So, there you have it. I could have written a lot more, but it is getting late and well, sometimes you just gotta make it short(er) & sweet.

Thank you to those who are keeping me in your prayers. I couldn't do this without your love, and prayer support. Praise Jesus for you!

~ Amy

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