Monday, January 21, 2013

Married. Moved. Michigan. Music?

Dear bloggers,

Can you believe today is Monday? More importantly, that Monday is almost over? I sat down to blog early this morning but got nowhere. Then Peter and I headed to IKEA to finish off some shopping. Then it was lunch, then we stopped by the Guitar Center, came home, unpacked, cleaned, played Ruzzle (so addicted to this game!!!! ps, Angela you're my favourite opponent)... nothing too crazy. Nevertheless, the day went by pretty fast.

As many of you know, Peter and I were married December 1st 2012. After the two-week honeymoon we came back and had our work cut out for us. Its one thing to get married, but it was another thing to go through the immigration process, and move all of your belongings out of one country into the next. Even though its only about a 4 hour car ride, it's a lot different then say, moving 30 minutes from your old home. As of last Thursday, I'm thankful to say I am pretty much all moved in. Just some books and photo albums that I've left with the parents, but other than that, it's nice to finally feel organized again!

As I write this it is a bitter cold day here in Michigan. The snow is beautiful of course, but it's freezing. I've been making all sorts of hot drinks to keep me warm and have been trying to stay active to keep my blood flowing, but there's no way around it sometimes. When you're a slim jim and have poor blood circulation, even the 20 second walk to the car sends chills down my back. Thankfully my husband lets me crank the heat to any level I need. Usually at the expense of his own discomfort.

Soundcheck for Sunday morning 
Anyways, all this random ramble. What is new and exciting in my life? I am absolutely thrilled to be working on staff at a local church here in Michigan as their full time Worship leader/Arts Director. Peter works at the same church so it's nice to be able to go to the mid-week meetings together. It's been so wonderful to get involved right away into a church that is growing and thriving. I'll admit I feel a little intimidated to be leading in a church where I hardly know anyone, but building new relationships is half the fun. The leadership is a blast. They are so down to earth and enjoy a good laugh. I love that their focus as leaders is to reach out to the community. An active church is a healthy church. What I also appreciate, is the fact that they are totally supportive of my Music career and continue to bless the calling on my life as a traveling recording artist. I'm not exactly sure what this next year is going to look like, but it will be a mixture of worship leading, writing and recording a new album for 2013 and setting up local and abroad tours. Right now I'm just seeking God on how to go about all of this. My heart feels anxious because I just don't know where all the financial backing is going to come from for the new album, but I'm just going to keep writing it. The songs are in me and they need to come out. I just have to trust God that he will provide all the necessary steps.  I'm not entirely sure, but I'm thinking of heading back to Nashville to record the whole thing there. In my immediate future, I'm looking to start playing some local shows in Michigan and it's neighboring States, so keep an eye open on the touring calendar.

You know, it's been really strange for me to have a complete shift in my life. Being a wife and a homemaker has been beautiful and yet overwhelming. Half the time I'm thinking... "Hey wait-- If I'm always cooking and cleaning, how on earth am I going to have time for the rest of my life?" Still, I feel God whispering in my ear, "Amy, just enjoy. Enjoy all things. Enjoy all seasons. Everything you need to get done will get done- but do not worry about tomorrow. Each day is a gift, and it's the simple things that can bring so much joy..." And so I'm learning that. I don't allow my anxious little heart to get the best of me. I'm learning to work with the things that are in my hands right now. If that involves a lot of cooking and cleaning, then so be it. I have to admit, there's nothing so sweet as having your own home and haven with your best friend. I love it that Peter gets to work from home many days and I can be in the kitchen cooking up a storm, yet I can pop in our home office every 5 minutes and just give him a big hug...or a kiss. Doing life with your best friend is amazing. Even in this very cold cold city, in the middle of January, it warms my heart.


  1. Congrats Amy. I didn't know you got married - time seems to be flying by...or I am slowing down! You are blessed to be doing what God has placed in your heart. I will try to remember you in prayer - I need it too, especially for one of my sons(David) - he is very sick. I have to update your profile on my website...perhaps you can send me a blurb or should I remove it?

    Take care, blessings,

    1. Rad! What is your email address? I've lost it! Also, sure! Yes, your site is outdated! Haha! :) Feel free to just remove me :) Hope you are doing well!! You can email me at

  2. Thanks for the update! Love you! Hope to see you soon!