Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksliving - A Human Trafficking Symposium

Like Cargo
Words and Music by Amy Savin © 

Vs .1
The door unlocks, the curtains fall 
Wide-eyed, I hear my monsters call
One by one they take their turn
Think I’m a toy, but I’m a girl
13 years old, crying for mom

Vs .2 
I’m dressed like a dirty magazine
My back’s been marked with tattoo ink 
They label all the girls this way 
We’re shipped like cargo on a train
I die a little every day

I need you
I need you
To save me from here
To save me from here

Can you?

Vs .3 
If I survive, I won’t forget
Their faces haunt my every step
Dehumanized in every way
Self-worth’s an angel that’s been slain
And still hope sings, if ever faint

I need you
I need you
To save me from here
Save me from here

Can you?

I want to believe that there is good in this world, and that light will overcome the darkness
Show me that love endures the greatest hurt; that it heals the ugliest of scars

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